Our team comprises of Professional registered Valuers by the SACPVP, the South African Council of the Property Valuers Profession. We do all types of valuation and for different reasons. (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farms, Specialised valuations, Plant & Machinery). Its important to know the value of your property before thinking of selling buying or leasing the property.

Valuation Purposes

    • Market valuations (pre-sale/pre-purchase assessments, selling, purchasing and expropriation purposes)

    • Market rental determinations

    • Mortgage security valuations

    • Asset valuations for balance sheet portfolios

    • Deceased estates valuations

    • Valuation reports for arbitrations and determinations

    • Insurance valuations

    • Feasibility studies

    • Expert witness/court cases

    • Compilation and implementation of general valuation rolls

    • Compilation and implementation of supplementary valuation rolls

    • GRAP (Generally Recognised Accounting Practice) compliant asset registers

    • Insurance related replacement cost valuation

    • Objections and appeals

    • Municipal valuation consultancy services (MPRA/GRAP16/GRAP17/GRAP19)

    • Fair value (current, future and past)

    • Residential home loan portfolios

    • Replacement cost valuations for insurance purposes

Valuation Form